Deputy Chief Security Officer

The Deputy Chief Security Officer position demands extensive experience in maritime environments and a deep understanding of the ISPS code, maritime security laws, and security equipment measures. This role is designed for leaders capable of overseeing, teaching, and coaching within the security department. Key responsibilities include filling in for the Chief Security Officer when necessary, preparing shift schedules, organizing searches, and ensuring the security team is properly equipped and trained. The Deputy Chief Security Officer acts as a bridge between the security team and higher management, ensuring the vessel's security strategy is effectively implemented and maintained according to the highest standards.

Deputy Chief Security Officer Job Summary:
The Deputy Chief Security Officer (DCSEC) has a pivotal role in the leadership and management of security operations on the ship, prioritizing the safety and security of passengers, crew members, and the vessel. This position entails aiding the Chief Security Officer in executing security strategies/procedures, supervising security teams, and promptly addressing emergencies to establish a secure onboard environment, in line with the ISPS Code.

Key Requirements

  • Extensive experience in maritime security, law enforcement, or military roles.
  • Extensive Knowledge of the ISPS code, Ship Security Plan, and the international code of conduct.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Maritime Security laws, regulations and the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).
  • Proficiency in security technology, systems, and equipment.
  • Ability to conduct proper security investigations, records, and prepare reports.
  • Ability to formulate statements / documents that encompass all the information in an effective, inclusive manner.
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, Otalio/Fidelio, OPnet, X-ray Machine, WTMD and Simfox Management Systems.
  • Proficient English language skills in both written and verbal communication.
  • Proficiency in leadership, supervision, instruction, and mentoring.
  • Demonstrated leadership expertise in managing security teams in dynamic and multicultural environments.
  • Strong physical fitness and excellent health condition according to the PEME and company’s policy / requirements.


  • MS Pre-embarkation SOP Training.
  • Basic Training all modules (STCW A-VI/1-1,2,3,4)
  • Seaman’s Book/ Provisional Seaman Book
  • Crowd and Crisis Management and Human Behavior (STCW A-V/2)
  • Designated Security Duties (STCW A-VI/6-2) or Ship Security Officer (STCW A-VI/5)
  • NFPS
  • Clean Criminal Record

Main Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the Chief Security Officer to create, propose, execute, and refine effective security strategies, policies, and procedures customized for the cruise environment, upon
    company’s approval, ensuring compliance with the ISPS Code and Ship Security Plan.
  • Prepare shifts schedule and working / resting arrangements according to MLC (must be first approved by Chief Security Officer).
  • Organize Stowaway Prevention searches prior to departures.
  • Provide training and tutoring to new security team members in accordance with the training procedures/checklist.
  • Hold consecutive communication with the Chief Security Officer for constant updates and assignment of tasks.
  • Confirm operation of CCTV recorders and cameras (in vessels without CCTV operators).
  • Update the Security team regarding service order for the following day.
  • Check and maintain the security equipment, including X-ray machines, WTMD, HHMD, handcuffs, batons, and pepper gels.
  • Establish an environment of transparent communication and identify any team-related concerns necessitating special attention from the Chief Security Officer, subsequently reporting
    them as required.
  • Assist the Chief Security Officer and SSO in planning and executing regular drills effectively, pinpointing vulnerabilities and devising swift resolution plans.
  • Engage and cooperate with various ship departments to guarantee adherence to safety and security protocols.

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