MS provides comprehensive risk assessment and security plans for any Oil & Gas facility or pipeline. We have a clear understanding of the complex nature of offshore projects and recognize the importance from a political and economic perspective. The MS O&G team has the appropriate international experience to build a relation with the local national authorities and fulfill all required industry standards.



  • All personnel must have proven operational security experience in order to smoothly adjust to the present customer-oriented daily activities
  • All of our personnel are extensively assessed to make sure they all meet the same operational requirements and adhere to the high standards of selection as outlined by IMO’s “Revised Interim Guidance to Ship Owners, Ship Operators and Shipmasters on the use of privately contracted armed security personnel on board ships in the high risk area” (MSC.1/Circ.1405/Rev.1). Team leaders all have an extensive operational background and have all successfully executed challenging operational missions
  • Security work consists of long hours of risk-assessing the surrounding as there is no possible way of knowing when and where an attack will take place. This requires an outstanding level of discipline, and the ability to act quickly, professionally and responsibly when required. In order to maintain these abilities, our personnel train on a regular basis all year round and are also required to undergo competency and physiological tests when not on duty. This routine includes case-studies of recent events, current international threats, tactical exercises, weapon competency, fitness training and hand-to-hand combat training
  • We always aim to supply the best suited personnel to the operational requirements of our clients. All MS team members have a military background which brings to the table extensive operational and an exceptional test of character. The main nationalities of personnel are Greek, S. African, Israeli, Cypriot and Ukrainian with each nationality having specialization in certain sectors of the Industry


MS operates an in-house accredited Academy which is essential to insure authenticity and the high proficiency level of our personnel. All security trainings are conducted by our own experienced operational supervisors who are fully certified instructors. Courses are offered on:

  • Security Familiarization
  • Security Awareness
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • SSO (where required)
  • Anti-Piracy Defence Course with Tactical Training on board a vessel
  • Weapons Handling & Management
  • Offshore Platform Security Courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Various Training Modules MS Assess Current Trainees On:

  • Health condition
  • Fitness
  • Social Capabilities
  • Tactical Knowledge
  • Leadership skills
  • Learning capabilities
  • English Proficiency

Long Term Collaboration With An Affiliated Company MS Jointly Provides Safety Training In:

  • STCW 95
  • Fire-Prevention and Fire-Fighting
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Maritime Survival Techniques

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