MS Security’s Code of Conduct is a set of professional standards aimed to set clear guidelines of behaviour, appearance, and actions of all MS’s employees.

All employees must conduct themselves in an exemplary and professional manner, reflective of the standards set forth by MS.

These standards represent actions, activities, and behaviour expected of MS’s employees in order to best maintain the interests, reputation, and morals of the company, its clients and the world-wide maritime industry.

Ms’s Employees Shall:

  1. Operate in accordance with this code and all its content
  2. Operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with relevant corporate standards of business conduct
  3. Operate in a manner that recognizes and supports the rule of law: respects human rights, and protects in the interest of the client
  4. Operate in accordance with MS Code of Ethics and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
  5. Operate in accordance with MS Policy on Human Rights
  6. Provide means for responding to resolving allegations of activity that violates any applicable national or international law or this Code
  7. Cooperate in good faith with national and international authorities exercising proper jurisdiction in particular with regards to national and international investigations of violations of national and international criminal law, of violations of international humanitarian law, or of human rights abuses
  8. Take all reasonable steps to avoid the use of force
  9. Not engage in any conduct which constitutes neglect of duty, insubordination, carelessness, or any other act which is likely to adversely affect the discipline, good order or reputation of MS
  10. Respond at all times to the lawful orders of a superior officer (Chief Security) as well as calls for assistance from the Master, SSO and vessel’s crew
  11. Any employee who deliberately, or passively refuses or fails to immediately obey any lawful order or engages in any disrespectful action or language to any superior officer or supervisor, will be guilty of insubordination
  12. Observe and obey all flag state laws, local ordinances and rules and regulations of MS
  13. Treat superior officers, subordinates, officers and crew, agents and authorities with respect patience and good manners
  14. Not engage in gossip, public criticisms or ridicule of MS
  15. Not engage in any conduct, whether physical or verbal, which may constitute sexual, racial, religious harassment, or age discrimination
  16. Not permit their names or photographs to be used to endorse any product or service, which is any way connected with maritime security
  17. Remain on duty until properly relieved by another Security Guard or competent authority
  18. Maintain adequate physical and mental condition to allow the proper performance of dutie
  19. Not consume intoxicants while on duty
  20. Inform the company before embarkation if use legally prescribed drugs and non-prescription medications
  21. Not use of MS property without the company’s clear consent

This Code complements and does not replace the control exercised by Competent Authorities, and does not limit or alter applicable international law or relevant national law. This Code itself creates no legal obligations and legal liabilities on the Signatory, beyond those which already exist under national or international law. Nothing in this Code shall be interpreted as limiting or prejudicing in any way existing or developing rules of international law.

Signatory agree to operate in accordance with the principles contained in this code and to treat all persons humanely and with respect for their dignity and privacy and will report a breach of this code.


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